A9 Strategies

Safe Harbor Strategy

Acts NINE provides safe housing for new believers who are endangered physically, mentally, and emotionally, because of religious persecution.  Safe housing provides a measure of security and privacy that reduces their anxiety and fear.  This will allow them to move from victimhood to recovery!  Acts NINE provides shelter and safety to individuals and families.  Living spaces vary according to the number of folks being served in a family.

Individual Development Strategy

Acts NINE provides educational opportunities in wide and varied settings.  These opportunities empower new believers to begin gaining control of their own lives.  Education focuses on spiritual, mental, social, and physical growth.  Spiritual growth comes through Bible studies and mentoring.  Mental health growth will be facilitated by the educational systems in the surrounding community.  Social growth will be encouraged through social skills classes, as well as arts and crafts classes.  Physical growth occurs through nutritional guidance and physical activities.  All areas of growth will be encouraged and modeled through mentoring and individualized counseling.

Job Training Strategy

Acts NINE provides new believers with hope for the future by teaching, training, and educating residents, so they develop their God-given gifts into marketable, hirable, skills and abilities.  New believers will choose, with a case manager’s input, what best suits their occupational/career goal(s).  In-person adult classes in local school districts will be utilized, as well as the myriad of online courses now available worldwide. 

Partnership Strategy

Acts NINE seeks donors with a heart interested in supporting its vision and mission.  First and foremost, Acts NINE seeks prayer partners.   At the same time, Acts NINE seeks donors with an ongoing interest in providing monetary, goods, or services, and support for its vision and mission.  We also seek intermittent and one-time support from organizations and individuals.

Connections to Service Strategy

Acts NINE provides liaison(s) to guide residents through the services that local, state, and federal governments make available in the community.  Services are sought according to individual needs

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