Mission & Vision

The mission of Acts NINE is to compassionately show the love of Christ by providing a safe harbor to live life without fear, oppression, and marginalization. 

We are a faith-based organization that works for the welfare of underserved, displaced persons who are endangered, ostracized, and marginalized in the communities in which they live because of their Christian faith.

We invest in their lives and improve their quality of life by mentoring and guiding them safely through the challenges of life.  Mentoring and guidance occur through teaching and instruction, providing shelter, food, clothing, etc., and connections to job training, medical/mental health assistance, etc.

Acts NINE supports and fosters individuals’ progress as they move through levels of growth and accomplishment, toward becoming self-sufficient and experiencing growth spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically.

The fear and ostracization are real:

  • A man’s family threw him out of their home when a bible was found in his room. He became homeless.
  • A woman who wants to become a Christian goes back into her community, frightened that someone will find out. She keeps her secret, but never finds freedom or joy.
  • A woman, whose religious activities are monitored by her son, community, and her family in a foreign country, fears for her life if anyone finds out she is a Christian.
  • Families suffering from PTSD from the violence in their home countries exacerbate their fear here in America.
  • Women, who underwent female genital mutilation, and still suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically from it.
Woman in hijab

Volunteer with us

Consider becoming a volunteer in our quest to grow new believers into Christ-loving followers.